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Kubota Products M6-101, M6-111, M6-131, M6-141

Kubota Products M6-101, M6-111, M6-131, M6-141 for sale at Roeder Outdoor Power, Iowa

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Kubota Products M6-101, M6-111, M6-131, M6-141 for sale at Roeder Outdoor Power, Iowa




Built and designed with durability and longevity in mind, these Kubota designed and manufactured engines were built to last. The M6 Series comes in 4 different horsepower models and 2 different frame sizes. With the V3800 and the V6108 engines, the M6 Series tractors are ready to take on the task at hand.


The M6 Series was built for seamless transitions through diverse terrains and operations. With features like Work Kruise, Dual RPM Memory, and Auto Mode, going from one functionality to the next can be smooth and effortless making the longest work days shorter.


A cab designed for you. The rancher, the dairy farmer, the operator with never ending tasks. This cab and tractor were designed to deliver simplicity with convenience and efficiency still intact. All levers are ergonomically laid out in an arch for easy access and operation.


The M6 Series tractors come equipped with the class leading, 4-post Grand X Cab. This is one of the largest cabs in the mid-range utility tractor market, giving the operator excellent visibility with nearly a 360° around the tractor. Comfort is also included, with a standard air ride seat and controls ergonomically placed for ease of use and less fatigue for the operator.

Features include:

  • High visibility roof panel, with the ability to open and close the window
  • Air Ride seat with 15 degrees of swivel, adjustable backrest, headrest, and armrest. Specifically designed for absorbing shock
  • Tilt and telescopic power steering
  • 2 Displays
  • Deluxe heating and air conditioning
  • Optional instructor seat
  • Optional defogger
  • Optional rear shade



The 2 Auto Mode options, Work and Travel, enable automatic shifting to maximize performance when your load or terrain changes. In Travel mode, the Intelli-Shift transmission will adjust to changes in the road conditions or desired vehicle speed, to maximize performance. In Field mode, the tractor will downshift 2 fears once the 3 point hitch is raised and keeps the PTO revolutions from dropping. This is beneficial when transitioning from light soil to heavy soil in a field or going from uphill to downhill. You can also adjust the sensitivity of shifting up and down gears.

Benefit: Less need to shift gears and ranges while operating, the M6 series tractors can do it for you!


Automatically keep engine revolutions constant and your PTO speed from dropping. This feature also makes operating PTO driven implements more efficient.

Benefit: A more efficient operating tractor and implement by eliminating the need to constantly manually adjust the throttle.


When precision and ultimate control is needed for rear attachments, operators will appreciate the deluxe flow-control rear remotes. This gives the M6 Series’ pressure compensated, fixed displacement hydraulic system infinite control and precise operation. With 18.7 (M6-101/M6-111) and 20.4 (M6-131/M6-141) gpm flow at the implement, are ready to power through any job. Flow of the remotes can easily be adjusted from inside the cab.


The optional front axle suspension achieves another level of comfort and security while traveling to absorb bumps in the road or rough terrain. This feature delivers a comfortable ride with stable and precise operation.


All four models of M6 tractors feature Kubota’s 24 Speed Intelli-Shift transmission and an optional creep gear for a total F32/R32. The Intelli-Shift transmission features 8 powershift gears and 3 ranges Hi, Mi, and Low. Simply shift up or down in gears from the touch of a button, which is located on the shifting lever or conveniently on your deluxe armrest. With the powershift buttons and the range lever incorporated together, finding the right gear for field work or travel is simplified.


  • M6-101 – 104.5* gross engine horsepower, 82** PTO HP
  • M6-111 – 114.1* gross engine horsepower, 92** PTO HP
  • M6-131 – 131.6* gross engine horsepower,  104** PTO HP
  • M6-141 – 141.4* gross engine horsepower, 114** PTO HP

*(97/68/EC) @ Rated Engine RPM
** OECD Code 2 rating @ Rated Engine RPM


Kubota exclusive Bi-Speed Turn gives the operator the ability to navigate around tighter spots and make shorter end-row turns. When Bi-speed Turn is engaged, the front axle is driven 60% faster when the wheels are turned at a 35° or greater angle, pulling the front end of the tractor around and creating a tighter turn. This feature allows for the tractor to achieve a turning radius as low as 13.1’ (M6-101/111) and 13/8’ (M6-131/141).


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